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Company disposes of technological equipment for metal plate processing and production of minor steel contructions and steel containers as well as stainless containers. Prompt and flexible response to new customer ´s demand becomes our competitive advantage.

Company disposes of following technological equipments:


Laser machine for the machining of sheet metal – ADILAS FIBRA

Burning material thickness options: steel 12 mm
stainless steel, aluminum
10 mm
Cu, brass
6 mm
galvanized 5 mm

Plasma machine ARROW 1500-3

size 1500 x 3000 mm
Plasma source HPR 130
Range of cutting:
Carbonaceous steel 0,5 – 25 mm
Alloyed steel 1,0 – 20 mm
aluminum 1,5 – 20 mm

Welding robot Panasonic TM-1800WG3



Hydraulic cutters

- hydraulic cutters for metal plate up to thickness 6.0 mm and length 3000 mm 

Brake press

- brake press HACO 60 t - servo-electronic press SafanDarley E-Brake 100 t and 30 t
Length of cant:  2500 mm Length of cant: 3060 mm and 1250 mm


- hydraulic press 30 t

- eccentric press 63 t
- electric blanking tool up to 2 mm
- metal band-saws
- welding: - electric spot welder
- electric CO2 welders Fronius, Compact
- electric welder TIG Tara
- autogenic equipment
- cutting operations: - drilling machines (VR 4, pillar and hand)
- belt grinding machine, hand grinding machine
- surface finishing: - spray wall
- assembly: - assembly of chimney isolators and the other products
by force of electric and pneumatic tools


Next necessary operations are provided under cooperation.